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The Royal Journal
The King of America
Dear Mr. Krinkle, Last night I had a nice time. I haven't seen any… 
31st-Jan-2009 10:33 am
Dear Mr. Krinkle,

Last night I had a nice time. I haven't seen any live music lately, so I thought I'd check some out. I first made a stop as an "appetizer" as it were at Jax Grill for some down-home Zydeco music. Not sure who the band was, but they were jamming some fierce zydeco! I was the only white person there! I was surrounded by black folk dressed in cowboy hats! After that, I hit Fitzgerald's for this show:

It was awesome! I've been wanting to see the Zydepunks (an accordion driven band from New Orleans that mixes celtic, zydeco, polka, klezmer, slavic- basically ANY music that has ever featured an accordion is fused into this band and then all driven by PUNK ROCK!). Los Skanarles were pretty good too. It was awesome seeing lots of hispanic punk rockers moshing and then breaking into a mixture of skanking and salsa dancing all in one fell swoop!

I wore my Gogol Bordello shirt and got lots of complements like "awesome band!" and the like.

Well that is it for now.

I'm looking foward to a relaxing weekend. Perhaps I'll have folks over to watch the Superbowl on our giant TV even if I'm not much of a sports fan...

Maybe we should have an anti-SuperBowl party. We'll dress up like our favorite animal and throw shoes at some guys head (who's wearing a helmet of course). Then well have a fighting game competition! Hey Robb! Bring over that wrastlin' game!!!!!!!!!!
My Denzenites' Tributes to ME! 
1st-Feb-2009 12:34 am (UTC)
Wish I could have gone. Looks like it was a lot of fun with good music. Maybe next time.

I'll holler once I know my schedule for tomorrow.
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