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Foreign discoveries in Meyerland and New FOTC! 
23rd-Dec-2008 08:32 am
Dear Mr. Krinkle,

The first episdode of the second season of Flight of the Conchords is available to watch online!

Click here to watch!

Yesterday I took a big cookie to Michelle's work (since I'm off and can do such nice things for Michelle) for one of her coworker's birthday party. I also went shopping for Christmas presents for Michelle after picking up the cookie at Memorial City Mall. I dropped off the cookie and we ate lunch together at a Thai place called Thai Cottage. Unfortunately, they didn't serve my favorite dish for lunch (Panang Curry) so I had Cashew Chicken which sufficed. Michelle had the Tiger Cry that was so spicy that it could make a full grown tiger weep in agony!

After dropping Misha back off to work I headed over to the Russian General Store in Meyerland for some Georgian wine and some Russian kvass. On my way down Hilcroft I saw a billboard for DirectTV. It was in Russian! That's a rare sight here in Houston, so I had to photo-document this discovery.

Are the Russians Invading Houston?

The writing transliterated reads MAXIMALNIE Vozmozhnosti Bolshogo Telezkrana - Vstrechayte prazdniki s Russkim y Americankiy TV i vas doma! Zvenite seychas 1-800-378-7169
KhorosheeTV LuchsheeTV DirectTV

While photographing the billboard with my phone, I noticed it was right in front of a Turkish food store called Istanbul Market.

Proud of myself for discovering yet another cool place, I proceeded to purchase some Turkish Delight candy imported from Turkey. I've had a few pieces and I must say it is quite delicious!

These are just the kind of things I do when I'm off work and have free time to explore H-town.

My Denzenites' Tributes to ME! 
23rd-Dec-2008 09:07 pm (UTC) - Free time
I am so glad you were able to stop by with the cookie cake. Everyone at work thought it was really sweet too.
That is so awesome you found a new cool store in Houston.

Oh yeah I also told the girls how sweet you were to put gas in the car this morning cause it was so cold wet outside.

They just don't believe how lucky I am!

Have fun!
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