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It truly was epic.

He did a tapped out version of Norwegian Wood.

Did you hear me?


I'm not kidding.

It was epic.

YouTube videos shall be posted HENCEFORTH!
Here's my review for the latest show. If you are REALLY bored and want to read ALL my reviews from ALL the shows I've been to (Show #1 was in 1993), then please do! They are located here: http://www.angelfire.com/tx/bageldog/primusshows.html

Show #14
Les Claypool w/ Matisyahu, Dub Trio @ The House of Blues June 8, 2009 Houston, TX


Thela Ginjeet

Rumble in the Diesel


David Makalaster w/ Southbound Pachyderm

David Makalaster II

Red State Girl


Percussion/Whamola Jam

Booneville Stomp


D's Diner w/ jazzy jam in middle...

Les also came out during Matisyahu's set with the whamola. Matisyahu made a beat box and Les jammed along on the Whamola. It was quite nice.

My friend Sean accompanied me. He was not a HUGE Les fan, but he really enjoyed the show. I think afterwards he might be a fan now! He said it was highly entertaining. Matisyahu was "meh" to him. I thought Matis was "a'ight".

Sam Bass accompanied Claypool on Cello! He played the guitar parts to old Primus/Frog stuff. He's also featured on the new album Of Fungi and Foe. There was also a vibraphone/tabla player and a drummer. Les wore various masks including the pinnochio style mask as well as a monkey mask and a pig mask. The other members of the band wore Republican masks. Les really brought out the basses. He played his Carl Thompson electrics, his electric upright (bowed and pizzicato), the Whamola, and his new one for Booneville Stomp (it's an acoustic/electric bass guitar with a Dobro-style resonator on it- it sounded like giant cables being tormented by some mad scientist!)

This was a part of my Bachelor Party! I'm going to be wed in Vegas this Friday! HUZZAH!!!

Thank you, Mr. Claypool for melting my face off with your bass abilities! I can now wed.
11th-Apr-2009 09:18 pm - New Les Claypool Video
Dear Mr. Krinkle,

Just had a quart of Mexican beer and some chicharones (pork rinds). Michelle's out with her friends.

I'm enjoying the new Claypool video:


It's called Red State Girl and is about people who lust after Sarah Palin.

Watch it now.
8th-Apr-2009 05:25 pm - Obama Wreath Laying in Turkey
My sister met Obama!


She procured the supplies for the Wreath that was laid at the tomb of Ataturk (basically Turkey's George Washington).

She's also in this video very briefly in the shot of the crowd walking up the steps. She's the blonde :)

Here's the group shot:

Everyone's favorite South-Park-Theme-Writin'-Bass-Playin'-Weirdo Les Claypool will be performing TONIGHT on Jimmy Kimmel!!!!!! Set your DVR's on stun!

Just thought I'd share that. I know many of you probably could care less!
17th-Mar-2009 08:34 am - Latest Doc from our good pal "Pete"
How did I miss this? I need to check my e-mail. Fortunately it should be on ON DEMAND or perhaps reshown. Gotta check the schedule at HBO.com

If you missed his previous doc "Dealing Dogs" then you definitely should see this one! Well I haven't seen it yet, but anyway...

Moving right along, our favorite Animal Rights Activist is at it again on his mission to help those who cannot speak for themselves: the animals raised on factory farms! This time they go on trial! If you have HBO, check it out!

Anyway, I remember my Animal Rights days working at Special Pals with "Pete". Rat-catchin' in the night!

For more information and to view the trailer go to hbo.com.

Here's a preview that I found on youtube:

UPDATED! I just found out this is airing tomorrow night at 8 PM on HBO PLUS! Got it set on my DVR. HUZZAH!

In other news, I'm off for spring break. That's why I have time to find out all this information for you all.
I hope you're happy now.
Howdy, last night Houston bluegrass ensemble Cadillac Sky performed at The Mucky Duck. I went to college and played in the U of H Moores School of Music orchestra with their bass player Andy "The Panda" Moritz!

Check out their bluegrass style cover of Green Day's Basket Case at CMT.com!

9th-Mar-2009 07:40 am - Donate to Save Epileptic Dogs!

To all my friends sans-HBO, you can view the full 2nd season episodes here!
Dear Mr. Krinkle,

Recently I was inspired by a Lego set that I spied at Target on a visit to get work-out pants:

LEGO has apparently released a new Pirate series! Hooray! Pirate Legos!!!!! I know it's not correct to call them Legos (according to the official website) since "Lego" refers to their brand name. The proper name is "Lego Bricks". Forget that. I grew up calling them Legos so they will always be referred to as Legos! Anyway, the ship is called Brickbeard's Bounty. It costs a whopping hundred bucks! I was like that's a little pricey. I was already feeling nostalgic upon seeing this item since I was an avid collector of the Lego pirate series from the 80's. The price of it and the fact that I recently acquired my old Legos when we went through my mother's stuff inspired me to go back and find the original plans to my Lego pirate ships from the 80's. Sure enough the plans were buried deep in the bottom of the giant plastic bin filled to the brim with Legos! For the past couple of weeks I've been doing nothing but BUILDING. Michelle and Solomon helped too! Thanks guys! I have successfully completed the awesome pirate ship "The Black Seas Barracuda" and its companion ship "The Caribbean Clipper".

The Black Seas Barracuda, the first Lego Pirate Ship (released in 1989)

The Caribbean Clipper (the arch enemy of the Black Seas Barracuda! Also released in 1989)

The Proud Builder

Ahoy Mateys!

I've gone Lego nutzo reliving my childhood as of late! I'm now working on the pirate island playset that was in the same series whose name escapes me at the moment. After that I'm tackling that pirate fortress!

Well in other news, today at school former Houston Rocket Robert Reid came to speak with the kids about the value of an education and all that jazz. He was a really great speaker and very motivating. I got to take a picture with him.

31st-Jan-2009 10:33 am(no subject)
Dear Mr. Krinkle,

Last night I had a nice time. I haven't seen any live music lately, so I thought I'd check some out. I first made a stop as an "appetizer" as it were at Jax Grill for some down-home Zydeco music. Not sure who the band was, but they were jamming some fierce zydeco! I was the only white person there! I was surrounded by black folk dressed in cowboy hats! After that, I hit Fitzgerald's for this show:

It was awesome! I've been wanting to see the Zydepunks (an accordion driven band from New Orleans that mixes celtic, zydeco, polka, klezmer, slavic- basically ANY music that has ever featured an accordion is fused into this band and then all driven by PUNK ROCK!). Los Skanarles were pretty good too. It was awesome seeing lots of hispanic punk rockers moshing and then breaking into a mixture of skanking and salsa dancing all in one fell swoop!

I wore my Gogol Bordello shirt and got lots of complements like "awesome band!" and the like.

Well that is it for now.

I'm looking foward to a relaxing weekend. Perhaps I'll have folks over to watch the Superbowl on our giant TV even if I'm not much of a sports fan...

Maybe we should have an anti-SuperBowl party. We'll dress up like our favorite animal and throw shoes at some guys head (who's wearing a helmet of course). Then well have a fighting game competition! Hey Robb! Bring over that wrastlin' game!!!!!!!!!!
Dear Mr. Krinkle,

The first episdode of the second season of Flight of the Conchords is available to watch online!

Click here to watch!

Yesterday I took a big cookie to Michelle's work (since I'm off and can do such nice things for Michelle) for one of her coworker's birthday party. I also went shopping for Christmas presents for Michelle after picking up the cookie at Memorial City Mall. I dropped off the cookie and we ate lunch together at a Thai place called Thai Cottage. Unfortunately, they didn't serve my favorite dish for lunch (Panang Curry) so I had Cashew Chicken which sufficed. Michelle had the Tiger Cry that was so spicy that it could make a full grown tiger weep in agony!

After dropping Misha back off to work I headed over to the Russian General Store in Meyerland for some Georgian wine and some Russian kvass. On my way down Hilcroft I saw a billboard for DirectTV. It was in Russian! That's a rare sight here in Houston, so I had to photo-document this discovery.

Are the Russians Invading Houston?

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While photographing the billboard with my phone, I noticed it was right in front of a Turkish food store called Istanbul Market.

Proud of myself for discovering yet another cool place, I proceeded to purchase some Turkish Delight candy imported from Turkey. I've had a few pieces and I must say it is quite delicious!

These are just the kind of things I do when I'm off work and have free time to explore H-town.
22nd-Dec-2008 08:29 am - San Antonio Trip
Dear Mr. Krinkle,

Michelle and I took a weekend trip to San Antonio to visit her family for the Holidays. Here are some pictures from the trip. We stayed at the Hotel Valencia.

Click the cut below to view the pics and some vids!
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Well, I'm officially OFF for the Holidays! Hooray! Anyone who wants to "hang out" please call me as my schedule is wide open! I don't go back to work til Jan. 5! YAY!!!!!

Until then, I'll be cleaning my house as it has gotten purty messy. :)

Bye for now.

p.s. I'll leave you with this bonus video of all of us trying to play the didgeridoo...

I think Korina wins again...
17th-Dec-2008 05:04 pm - Christmas Cheer
Dear Mr. Krinkle,

Happy Holidays to everyone!

Here's a shot of my tree with random ornaments from Michelle's mom's and my mom's collection of ornaments passed down through the years.

Behind the cut there are some videos of the Christmas lights that I put on my house.

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In other news, Sean came over yesterday and we hung out. We ate some cajun food at The French Quarter on Highway 6. I had some boudin balls, fried alligator nuggets, fried catfish, and some delicious "Dark Pontchartrain" roux sauce.

There were some actual Cajun folks in one of the booths across the room chatting up a storm in French. Michelle noticed them first and brought them to our attention. Sean and I assumed they were speaking Spanish at first, but sure enough the more we listened closely we soon came to realize they were actually speaking Français! That was a cool encounter. As much as I am fascinated by Cajun culture, I don't think I've actually been in the same room with real Cajuns before. Hooray for that!

Well that's what's been going on in our world at the moment. Oh yeah... the new Bela Fleck and the Flecktones album rules! It's called Jingle All The Way. They redo Christmas standards with a funky bluegrassy twist. They also have Tuvan Throat Singers! Oh yes!

15th-Dec-2008 06:25 am - Shoe Throwing
You've all probably seen this on the news, but I thought I'd post it because its level of wackiness.

During a press conferenc in Iraq, an Iraqi reporter guy jumps up and says "Here's your goodbye kiss you dog!" as he chunked two shoes at Bush. Although the Iraqi missed, the 2nd shoe pegged the U.S. flag. What an outrage! Haha.
29th-Nov-2008 06:40 pm - Renaissance Festival 2008
Dear Mr. Krinkle,

We made it to the Ren Fest today! We were supposed to go on Friday, but due to Michelle's father having to work we decided to go on Saturday instead. Michelle and I plus her dad and stepmom Teresa and their child (Michelle's lil' sister) Gabriella were in attendance. It worked out pretty well, except it was kind of rainy and a little cold. We saw jousting knights and ate "street food" such as turkey legs, empanadas, gyros, sausage-on-a-stick, fried-chicken-on-a-stick, and stick-on-a-stick (just kidding ha ha).

After filling up on the aforementioned items, we saw a really cool gypsy/celtic/middle eastern-ish band from San Antonio called Wine and Alchemy. One dude played the Indian sitar, the Greek bazouki, AND the accordion. The lead singer/dancer was a true gypsy lady! They had an acoustic bass guitar player, percussionist, gypsy fiddle, and guitar as well to round out this excellent ensemble. I bought their CD and just got done "friending" them on MySpace!

Unfortunately it began to rain. The gypsies had to stop playing and put tarps on their instruments so they didn't get wet. I met up with Michelle's family who cut out early from the band to check out the Mud Show. I had already seen that before so I stayed and watched the gypsy band for a bit longer. We walked around a bit more and played some of the games with little Gabby such as "shoot the paintball gun at the knight" and "launch the frogs into the pool via catapult". I got good videos on my Sanyo Xacti video camera. I'm happy that it is waterproof because we definitely needed it today.

After that Michelle's fam had to jet early because her dad had to work this evening. Michelle and I stayed a little bit longer and I finally purchased something that I've been wanting for awhile! A Digeridoo! Here I am blowing this instrument (which originated with the Australian Aborigines) in front of the store where I purchased it.

I'm also wearing the official Texas RenFest pancho that I got after the rain started falling.

Well that is it for now. I need to go practice my digeridoo!


p.s. Last day of the Thanksgiving break is tomorrow... then it's back to work.
27th-Nov-2008 01:08 pm - Happy Thanksgiving Y'all!
Dear Mr. Krinkle,

Happy Thanksgiving to everybody!

Consume mass quantities of turkey! Don't forget the stuffing, yams, potatoes, pies, and whatever else you traditionally eat for Thanksgiving.

We are having Thanksgiving here at my house. Michelle's family will be coming over soon. Her Abuela (Grandma) is cooking the Turkey and will be bringing that over today. She's fixin' that pavo Bolivian style! It shall be interesting. I have to go pick her up at 3 o'clock.

My sister, her husband, and my nephew had turkey in Turkey! However, they don't call it a turkey over there. Turkey (the bird) is called a hindi in Turkey (the country).

You might ask yourself (or maybe not) why Turkeys are called Turkeys. Let Wikipedia explain! When Europeans first encountered turkeys in the Americas they incorrectly identified the birds as a type of guineafowl (Numididae), also known as a turkey-cock from its importation to Central Europe through Turkey from Africa, and the name of that country stuck as the name of the bird. The confusion is also reflected in the scientific name: meleagris is Greek for guinea-fowl.

People back then were really bad at naming things they encountered in the New World. Look at the Native Americans! For centuries they've been referred to as Indians! They aren't from India! Silly Columbus. Same thing happened with the bird known as the Turkey. They aren't Turkish at all.

Well that is all for now.

Oh yeah... I made spinach dip in a hawaiian bread bowl! It is something my mom used to make. It's delicious. I cannot wait to have an eat-attack upon it!

Happy Thanksgiving to everybody.

One more thing I forgot to add! I think we're all going to the Renaissance Festival tomorrow. Perhaps I'll buy a digeridoo or something... I forgot to buy one at Bonnaroo.
Dear Mr. Krinkle,

Michelle is awesome and got us tickets to see Anthony Bourdain speak for my birthday present. If you don't know who he is then you should watch his show No Reservations on the Travel Channel. In addition to that she got me a pecan pie and several flavors of Blue Bell Ice Cream. We also ate out with our friends Korina, Solomon, Sean, and Robb Zipp at Casa Olé! Thank you so much, Ploop. She always remembers my birthday and has done something nice like this every year even though I sometimes grumble about birthdays...

Anyway, it really was awesome. We saw Bourdain speak at the Waterway Marriot in the Woodlands. He talked about his travels, food, and how evil McDonald's is. He's very funny and was an entertaining speaker. I really liked the fact that through all his travels he has found more similarities in people than differences. Anthony also reinforced the fact that most great recipes in the world were born out of poverty and that is important to remember this. He illustrated this point about the fancy French dish coq au vin (rooster with wine) was probably invented by a poor French farmer who had a lot of roosters and red wine and the ability to drench a rooster with the wine and "boil the shit out of it". Voila! Coq au vin was born! Anthony has recently quit smoking since the birth of his daughter. He took questions after the speech. I didn't get my question in, but afterwards we went up to meet him. Michelle walked right up to him and asked if he is planning on doing a show about Bolivia. He said he hasn't been to Bolivia yet. She shook his hand. We then waited in a long line to get books signed. Michelle met him AGAIN! She got to meet him twice! I bought a copy of Bourdain's first book Kitchen Confidential and he signed it, and Michelle took a picture!

He was a really nice guy in person and talked to everybody as he signed their stuff. I told him about my trip to Kazakhstan and what he said during his speech was correct about former Soviet republics and their penchant for vodka toasting. I don't quite remember what he said in response because I was slightly star struck. Michelle told him more about Bolivia and the Bolivian fighting women called cholitas. Anthony actually seemed very interested and said he would definitely check that out one day! Well, if a No Reservations episode comes out about Bolivia, thank Michelle!

Anyway it was really awesome. I cannot thank Michelle enough for finding out about this event in the newspaper.
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